Weekly outline

  • 15 August - 21 August

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - No School

    Wednesday - Freshmen Academy Orientation Day

    Thursday - Restorative justice circle with Mrs. Walker

    Friday -   Discuss classroom expectations.  Take our U.S. History Pre-Test.  Textbook Scavenger Hunt

  • 22 August - 28 August

    OBJECVTIVE for the week:  Understand how to use maps as tools and create one properly.

    Monday - Fill out states and capitals.  There is a rumor of a rapping hamster too...  Practice proper note taking technique

    Tuesday - States and capitals review.  Practice proper 2 Column note technique

    Wednesday - States and capitals review.  States and capitals puzzle game in groups.  Start Map glossary notes

    Thursday -  States and Capitals Kahoot review game.  Finish Map glossary notes

    Friday - States and Capitals Test

  • 29 August - 4 September

    Monday - Objective:  Describe the "real" role of Columbus in History.

                        Activities:  Bellringer - Who discovered America?  We will  have a class discussion about the discovery America.  Then will discuss the impact of Columbus and what he REALLY did.  Then we will watch 2 video clips about Columbus.  Lastly, we will Subsearch a short reading on Columbus.

    Tuesday -Objective:  Describe the "real" role of Columbus in History.

                      Activities:  Bellringer - Columbus writing assignment.  Drive Thru History video and questions.

    Wednesday - Activities:  FIELD TRIP

    Thursday -  Objective: Define colonization.  Describe the trials and tribulations faced at Jamestown 

                            Activities:  Belringer - What is colonization?  Lost colony of Roanoke video clip and discussion.  Jamestown PowerPoint Notes.  Summary paragraphs

    Friday - Objective: Explain the difference between Puritans and Pilgrims

                            Activities:  Learning circle discussing Puritans and Pilgrims and also religious freedom.  Mayflower compact activity

  • 5 September - 11 September

    Monday - NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday - Objective: Define and organize at least 20 vocabulary terms.

                          Activities:  Bellringer- List the Original 13 Colonies.  Start list, group, label activity

    Wednesday - Objective: Define and organize at least 20 vocabulary terms.

                       Activities: Finish list, group, label activity

    Thursday - Objective: Explain 3 effects of English colonization.  Understand the difficulties English colonists faced in the New World.

                         Activities:  Bellringer- Group Colonies.  New England, Middle, Southern Differences chart.  13 Colonies map

    Friday - Objective:  Understand what 9/11 was like and why it happened.

                     Activities:  Guest speaker and discussion

    • 12 September - 18 September

      Monday - Objective: Review colonial differences

                         Activities: Cut and paste activity.  2 Column notes p.66-70 (extra credit)

      Tuesday -.Objective: Review for test

                          Activities: 13 Colonies review sheet with a partner.

      Wednesday - Objective: Score at least a 70% on your test.

                          Activities: 13 Colonies Test.  Extra credit packet when you finish. 

      Thursday - Objective: Discuss the French and Indian War

                          Activities:  Bellringer - What is revolution?  Discuss French and Indian War.  Crash Course video on the French and Indian War.  Guided 2 column note packet

      Friday - Objective:  Define the term mercantilism and describe how it effects the colonies relationship with England

                       Activities:  SSR for 20 minutes.  Mercantilism notes.  French and Indian War graphic organizer

    • 19 September - 25 September

      Monday - Objective: Analyze the beginnings of the American Revolution

                           Activities: Boston, Bloody Boston Video and questions

      Tuesday - Objective: Analyze 1 Tax Act.  Create a presentation about 1 of the Tax Acts placed on the Colonies and convey what they learned to the class

                            Activities: Bellringer - review questions about mercantilism.  Then, in groups you work on your Tax Act presentation. 

      Wednesday - Objective: Analyze 1 Tax Act and create a presentation and convey what you learned to the class.

                         Activities: Bellringer- Get in groups quickly!  Finish working on tax act presentations and then actual presentations.  You will need to take notes on ALL presentations


      Friday - NO SCHOOL

      • 26 September - 2 October

        Monday - Objective: Define and organize at least 35 vocabulary terms from the unit

                                 Activities: Bellringer - review tax acts.  Next, in groups you will complete the List, Group, Label Activity based on Revolutionary vocabulary. 

        Tuesday - Objective: Define and organize at least 35 vocabulary terms from the unit

                        Activities: Finish List, Group, Label activity

        Wednesday - Objective: Describe the role of propaganda in the American Revolution

                                    Activities: Propaganda Notes.  Crash Course Video-Revolution, 2 Column Notes (Possibly)

        Thursday - Objective: Summarize the concepts that started the American Revolution

                                Activities: American Revolution Guided Reading

        Friday - Objective: Summarize the concepts that started the American Revolution

                                Activities: SSR - 20 minutes.  Conflict grows mind map

      • 3 October - 9 October

        Monday -Objective: Understand the impact of the Declaration of Independence, Boston Massacre, and Boston Tea Party

                             Activities: Take our quiz.  Then we will take Colonial Unity PowerPoint notes with video clips.

        Tuesday - Objective: Explain 8 topics from the Revolution and their impact

                           Activities:  Bellringer - review Patriots and Loyalists.  Then complete the Conflict Grows mind map with a partner

        Wednesday - Objective: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.  Understand the firing of the 1st shot of the war and its global impact.

                                Activities:  Bellringer:  8 question review half sheet.  We will discuss and create strengths and weaknesses T-Charts.  Then we will create a map depicting the battle of Lexington and Concord.

         Thursday - Objective: Understand the importance of the 10 major battles of the Revolutionary War.

                              Activities: Complete the battles of the Revolution station activity.

        Friday -Objective: Understand the importance of the 10 major battles of the Revolutionary War.

                              Activities: Complete the battles of the Revolution Web Quest.

      • 10 October - 16 October

        Monday - No School

        Tuesday - Objective: Apply concepts from the unit and make connections to the film

                           Activities:  Watch the film "The Patriot" and complete response questions

        Wednesday -Objective: Apply concepts from the unit and make connections to the film

                           Activities:  Watch the film "The Patriot" and complete response questions

         Thursday -Objective: Apply concepts from the unit and make connections to the film

                           Activities:  Watch the film "The Patriot" and complete response questions

        Friday - Objective: Start review of major topics.  analyze a primary source

                        Activities: SSR - 20 minutes.  Scorecard activity (gallery walk)


      • 17 October - 23 October

        Monday - Objective: Review for American Revolution Exam.

                                 Activities: Work on Revolutionary War review sheet in groups.  Also go over what you need to have in your notebook

        Tuesday - Objective: Check for understanding

                                Activities: American Revolution Exam and Notebook Check

        Wednesday - Objective: Explain the problems the US faced in creating the new government

                                Activities: Bellringer - What is Government discussion.  Articles of Confederation notes.  New America map

        Thursday - Objective: Explain the problems the US faced in creating the new government

                                Activities: Becoming A Nation video and questions

        Friday - Objective: Explain the problems the US faced in creating the new government

                                Activities: SSR - 20 minutes.  2 Column notes pages 132-137

      • 24 October - 30 October

        Monday - Objective:  Analyze the Articles of Confederation and their weaknesses

                             Activities:  Articles of Confederation Guided Reading

        Tuesday - FIELD TRIP


        Thursday - Objective: Identify and explain at least 6 topics discussed at the Constitutional Convention.

                             Activities: Shays' Rebellion video.  Then with a partner you will complete the Constitutional Convention fish

        Friday - Objective - Identify 8 issues debated at the Constitutional Convention

                          Activities - Constitutional Convention video and questions

        • 31 October - 6 November

          Monday - Objective: Explain the difference between Federalist and Antifederalists

                                      Activities: Federalist PowerPoint Notes.   Hamilton vs. Jefferson Cartoon activity                 

          Tuesday - Objective: Explain the struggle of passing the Constitution

                            Activities: Using iPads, you will complete the Constitution Ratification WebQuest.

          Wednesday - Objective: Describe how the 3 Branches interact with each other

                                      Activities: 3 branches diagram on board.  Complete system of checks and balances WS 

          Thursday - Objective: Describe what each article of the Constitution does

                                   Activities: Constitution notes.  Then Constitution Question walk

          Friday - Objective: Describe what each article of the Constitution does

                           Activities:  SSR - 20 minutes.  2 Column Notes pages 132-148


        • 7 November - 13 November

          Monday - Objective: Describe the first 10 Amendments and predict the effects they will have on society

                                Activities: Bellringer-review articles of Constitution and what an amendment is.  Then PowerPoint notes on The Bill of Rights individually using the iPads.  Complete the forum on Moodle.  Finally, create Picture Notes on Bill of Rights

          Tuesday - Objective: Summarize how the new government impacts the country

                                Activities:  Enduring Plan Of Government guided reading

          Wednesday - Objective: Review for unit test

                                Activities: Review Sheet

          Thursday - Objective: Score at least a 60% on unit test

                                Activities: Unit test and Notebook #3 check

          Friday -  NO SCHOOL

        • 14 November - 20 November

          Monday - Changes in a Young Nation Guided Reading

          Tuesday - Manifest Destiny Painting and Notes

                               Louisiana Purchase Questions

                              Louisiana Purchase Map

          Wednesday - Journey of Lewis and Clark Activity

          Thursday -  War of 1812 2 Column Notes p.202-205

                                   Differences between North and South WS (Sectionalism)

                                   Compromises Chart

          Friday - Trails West Audio Questions

                            Trails West Notes (on your own)

                            Trails West Forum

        • 21 November - 27 November

          Monday - Objective:  Identify the details of the Missouri Compromise and impact of the Indian Removal Act

                               Activities: Bellringer-Map and questions.  Then PowerPoint notes on Jackson and the Missouri Compromise.  Finally complete trails west audio questions

          Tuesday - Objective:  Observe 1st hand accounts of the struggles of the settlers on the trails west

                               Activities:  Westward video and questions

          Wednesday - NO SCHOOL

          Thursday - NO SCHOOL

          Friday - NO SCHOOL

        • 28 November - 4 December

          Monday -  Bellringer - review last week's topics.  PowerPoint notes on Texas Independence.  Texas Independence audio questions

          Tuesday - Mexican American War Notes

                               Crash Course video - Expansion and War

                               Timeline using pages 202-299

          Wednesday - Bellringer - review trails and Mexican American War

                                       Indian Wars - 2 Column Notes

          Thursday - Indian Wars - Story Board Activity use notes that are below

          Friday - Finish Story Board activity if need to do so or SSR

                            Reform - 2 Column notes


        • 5 December - 11 December

          Monday - Western Expansion Test Review Day

          Tuesday - Western Expansion Test

                             Notebook Check

          Wednesday - Causes of the Civil War notes

                                   Causes of the Civil War note review activity

          Thursday - Bellringer - review causes

                               Outbreak of the Civil War Notes

                                Advantage/Disadvantages Gallery Walk

          Friday - Underground Railroad Video and questions

        • 12 December - 18 December

          Monday - Bellringer - reading sheet.  Who's on who's side together on board.  Civil War Map.  Finally, 2 Column Notes pages 310-317

          Tuesday - Civil War guided reading activity.

          Wednesday - Civil War Battles station activity

          Thursday - We will listen to the Gettysburg Address, discuss it, and answer questions about it.  Then we will complete audio questions on Reconstruction.  Finally we will do a short set of notes about Reconstruction.

          Friday - Civil War test and Notebook check

        • 19 December - 25 December

          Monday - Final Exam Review

          Tuesday - Final Exam Review

          Wednesday - Final Exams 1, 2, Lunch, 7

          Thursday - Final Exams 3, 4, 5, 6

          Friday - CHRISTMAS BREAK

          • 9 January - 15 January

            Monday -NO SCHOOL    

            Tuesday -Chart Analysis.  Industrialization Notes and Crash Course video

            Wednesday -Industrialization Audio questions.  Rockefeller and Carnegie Biographies

            Thursday - Labor and Industry guided reading

            Friday - ALL SCHOOL TESTING DAY

          • 16 January - 22 January

            Monday - No School

            Tuesday - "Total Excess" video and questions

            Wednesday - Industrialization picture station activity

            Thursday - FIELD TRIP

            Friday - Expansion of industry guided reading.  2 Column Notes pages 450-455 and 468-472

            • 23 January - 29 January

              Monday - Immigration audio questions and Immigration Notes

              Tuesday - "Cities" video and questions

              Wednesday - Immigration guided reading

              Thursday - Industrialization and Immigration Create-A-Test

              Friday - Industrialization and Immigration Create-A-Test

            • 30 January - 5 February

              Monday - Bellringer-What is progress?

                                    Progressivism Notes

                                    Video Clip

                                     Note review

              Tuesday - Progressivism Vocabulary activity


              Wednesday - Progressive President Station Activity

              Thursday -Bellringer - Cause and Effect Sheet

                                     Progressivism Audio Questions

                                     "The Jungle" excerpt and video

              Friday - Progressivism Guided Reading

            • 6 February - 12 February

              Monday -Imperialism Notes


              Tuesday - Imperialism Audio Questions

                                   Imperialism Map

              Wednesday - 15 minutes to work on vocabulary

                                          Imperialism 2 Column note packet

              Thursday - Roosevelt's impact notes

                                      Spanish American War video

                                       Imperialism Timeline

              Friday - FIELD TRIP

            • 13 February - 19 February

              Monday - Progressivism and Imperialism quiz

                                    Foreign Policy Gallery Walk

               Tuesday -  Causes of World War I Notes

                                      Finish Gallery Walk

              Wednesday - Bellringer - review causes

                                           "The Great War" video and questions

              Thursday - Parent Teacher Conferences

              Friday - NO SCHOOL

            • 20 February - 26 February

              Monday - NO SCHOOL

              Tuesday -  World War I Audio Questions

                                     World War I Map

              Wednesday - U.S. Involvement in WWI Notes with video clips

              Thursday - World War I Guided Reading

              Friday - Review Day

            • 27 February - 4 March

              Monday - Progressivism, Imperialism, And World War I Test

                                   Notebook Check

              Tuesday - Roaring 20's Notes activity

              Wednesday - Roaring 20's Video and Questions

              Thursday -  Roaring 20's Notes Part 1

                                       Note review sheet part 1

              Friday - Roaring 20's Guided Reading

            • 5 March - 11 March

              Monday - NO SCHOOL

              Tuesday - Bellringer - Review Notes Part 1

                                    Roaring 20's Notes - Part 2

                                    Summary activity

              Wednesday - Prohibition warm up activity

                                          "The Simpsons" episode and graphic organizer

              Thursday - Watch Al Capone biography video and complete questions 

              Friday - Objective: Identify and categorize vocabulary terms from the unit

                                     Activities:  List, group, label activity in groups


              • 12 March - 18 March

                Monday - Harlem Renaissance Project

                Tuesday - Harlem Renaissance Project

                Wednesday - Developmental Guidance with Ms. Walker

                Thursday - Review for Test

                Friday - Roaring 20's Test and Notebook Check

              • 19 March - 25 March

                Monday - Watch the video - Story of Us: Bust and answer questions

                Tuesday - Bellringer - What is the economy?

                                      Start Great Depression List, Group, Label activity

                Wednesday - Finish List, Group, Label Activity

                Thursday -  Bellringer

                                         Great Depression Notes - Part 1

                                         Great Depression Audio Questions

                Friday - Great Depression 2 Column Notes packet

              • 26 March - 1 April

                Monday - Finish 2 Column Note Packet

                Tuesday - Bellringer

                                      Great Depression Notes - Part 2

                Wednesday - Great Depression extended bellringer WS

                                             Great Depression Timeline

                Thursday -  Great Depression Guided Reading

                Friday - In the computer Lab:  What's The Deal With The New Deal Webquest activity

                • 2 April - 8 April

                  Monday - Great Depression Station Activity

                  Tuesday - Great Depression Review Day

                  Wednesday - ALL SCHOOL TESTING DAY

                  Thursday - Great Depression Test and Notebook Check

                   Friday - Start "Cinderella Man"

                  • 9 April - 15 April

                    Monday - Continue "Cinderella Man"

                    Tuesday - Finish "Cinderella Man"

                    Wednesday - World War II Dictator poster project in the lab

                    Thursday - World War II Dictator presentations

                    Friday -NO SCHOOL

                  • 16 April - 22 April

                    SPRING BREAK !!!

                    • 23 April - 29 April

                      Monday - Origins of World War II guided reading

                      Tuesday - Notes - Beginnings of World War II

                                            WWII Audio questions - Part 1

                      Wednesday - Finish Audio Questions

                                                  2 Column notes p.734-741

                      Thursday - Bellringer - Holocaust review

                                              Holocaust station activity

                                              Holocaust documentary clip

                      Friday - FIELD TRIP

                    • 30 April - 6 May

                      Monday - Bellringer - Just Some WWII Questions

                                          US Involvement in WWII Notes

                                          Video Clips

                      Tuesday - WWII Audio Questions Part 2

                                           WWII Map activity

                      Wednesday - WWII Guided Reading - Impact of WWII

                      Thursday - Battles of WWII Station Activity

                      Friday - WWII Virtual Field Trip in Lab

                    • 7 May - 13 May

                      Monday - America The Story of Us: WWII video and questions

                      Tuesday - Notes - Atomic Bomb and the End of the War

                                            Finish Maps

                      Wednesday - Review Day

                      Thursday - WWII Test and Notebook Check

                      Friday - Cold War Notes

                                        Cold War Audio Questions

                    • 14 May - 20 May

                      Monday - Cold War 2 Column Note packet

                                            Cold War video and questions

                      Tuesday - 1950's Guided Reading

                      Wednesday - Korean War Station Activity

                      Thursday - Kennedy's Cold War Notes

                                              JFK Audio Questions

                                              Zapruder film

                      Friday - Vietnam Notes

                                        Vietnam Video

                    • 21 May - 27 May

                      Monday - Emmett Till Video and questions

                      Tuesday - Civil Rights interactive lecture

                      Wednesday -  Civil Rights interactive lecture

                      Thursday - Modern America Station activity

                      Friday - Final Exam Review

                    • 28 May - 3 June

                      Monday - NO SCHOOL

                      Tuesday - Final Exam Review

                      Wednesday - Final Exams

                      Thursday - Final Exams