Weekly outline

  • General

    Mr. J’s Classroom Expectations


    Expectations you can never forget if ALL of us are to succeed:

    • Be engaged in your education.
    • Respect yourself and others.
    • Understand that the learning process takes time and perseverance.
    • Use your imagination.
    • Read your book. 
    • Take notes when examples are being given. 
    • Look for examples and explanations on YouTube.


    Expectations that you have all heard before and will be remind of often:

    • Actively list to the person speaking.
    • No food or drink in the class.
    • Do not interrupt instruction.
    • Be in your seat before the bell rings.
    • If you have missed an assignment or test see me in the morning or afterschool.  I will not discuss make-up work during regular class. 

     Materials you need every day unless told otherwise:

    • something to write with
    • something to write on
    • your text book

    How to solve story problems:  (READ PAGE 33 and 34)

    • Read the problem several times before starting.
    • Draw a picture representing the situation.
    • Write down your known and unknown variables on the left of your paper.  Make sure you convert them to proper SI units.
    • Choose the correct equation to solve for the missing variable and write it down to the right of your knowns.
    • Plug and chug making sure you cancel out your units properly.  Have a look at your answer and check if it makes sense.  Make sure your answer is in SI units.


    Your calculator needs trig functions.  You should be using the same calculator at home as you do at school.  One of the biggest stumbling blocks on a test is your unfamiliarity with your calculator.

    Join Remind101.  Send a text to "81010".  Your message in the text box needs to be "@ddcbgc" for 5th period and "@g9abc" for 6th period.  That's it! You will receive important reminders about quizzes and projects. See me if you prefer email alerts.

  • 14 January - 20 January


    no school


    Introduction to work.  w=fd

    1-15 homework


    Group work



    Review homework.

    Work Quiz.

    Introduction to energy.


    No school

    • 21 January - 27 January

      Monday: MLK


      Review work quiz from last week

      Introduction to KE,PE


      Reteach work total.

      Introduce energy stored in a bag of chips.

      Quiz tomorrow.

      Solved problems from bell ringer.



      Homework 77-96 page 222


      37-46  209-211

      97-118  222

      • 28 January - 3 February


        Roller Coaster Lab


        Roller Coaster Lab

        Wednesday:  Worksheet of all of chapter 6/ Finish Lab

        Thursday:  Introduction to power.

        Friday: Study guide for Tuesday's test

        • 4 February - 10 February

          Monday:  Day 3 of force table lab.  Written lab report due Friday.

          Tuesday: Test over force table.

          Wednesday: Introduction to the normalizing force.

          Thursday: Introduction to force on an incline.

          Friday: Introduction to friction.

        • 18 February - 24 February

          Monday:  Study guide angular motion 1.

          Tuesday:  Study guide angular motion 2

          In the second video I accidentally called problems 16 and 17 from Monday's worksheet number twenty something.  Just match them up and you'll be OK.






          Wednesday:  TEST!!! 

          Thursday:  No School

          Friday: No School