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    South Suburban College

    College Step-up Program 

    District 215 has partnered with South Suburban College to offer this unique opportunity for our senior students. Seniors have an opportunity to earn up to 18+ college credits tuition free or at a reduced tuition cost. 

    Students’ first course at SSC is tuition free, but the student/parent are responsible for fees/books associated with each course. Students who choose to take a second course in the same semester will pay only 1/3 of the tuition. SSC discounts the tuition by 1/3 and District 215 pays 1/3 of the tuition.

    Students earning an A or B in one of the courses can then enroll in the next semester for an additional course tuition free and a second course at the reduced tuition rate. A senior student at District 215 can graduate with potentially 18 college credits already completed.

    • NO PLACEMENT EXAM REQUIRED for the courses below. Additional courses can be taken if you qualify via the ACT, SAT, or Placement exam. 
    • Download course descriptions - click here

    CJS 101

    PSC 101

    PHL 101

    PSY 101

    SOC 101

    BUS 108

    HFA 108

    HFA 201

    HFA 202

    GLG 101

    HIS 203

    HIS 204

    MIS 101 (also a dual credit course)

  • Current Juniors

    Attention Juniors


    March 8

    March 15 - May 17

    • Check List:   Meeting Times
    • 2019 Summer & Fall Registration is underway......
    • Step-up meetings - Sign-up to receive TEXT alerts:  text @stepup2020 to 81010
      • Here are some course suggestions......check it out!
      • Questions I'll be asking you........
        • If you know.....what do you want to be when you grow up?
        • Where do you want to go to school? 
        • What course(s) do you want to take?
        • When do you want to start your college class, summer or fall?
        • Find the course, day, and time you wish to register: 

    May 20

    • Are you officially registered for the College Step-up Program?

    Wednesday, May 30, 2019 

    • Orientation for Summer Courses
    • @ SSC, Lab 2345 - 6:00 PM - Parent/Guardian strongly recommended

    Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 

    • Orientation for Fall Courses
    • @ SSC, Lab 2345 - 6:00 PM - Parent/Guardian strongly recommended
  • Summer 2019

    Important Dates

    May 30

    • Orientation @ SSC, room 2345, 6:00 PM
    • Summer Orientation Handout

    June 3

    • SSC Classes begin

    48 hours after the first day of class

    • Last Day to Drop without penalty or payment
      • complete form, scan, and send to 
      • cc me on email - 

    July 17

     July 22

    • Finals Week

    August 15

    • Fall Orientation @ SSC, room 2345, 6:00 PM
    • Fall Orientation Handout
    • Fall of 2019

      Important Dates

      August 15

      August 19

      • SSC Classes begin

      48 hours after the first day of class

      • Last Day to Drop without penalty or payment
        • complete form, scan and send to 
        • cc me on email - 

      September 30

      • Last Day to Withdrawal from an 8-week course

      October 4-December 6:  Seniors who missed out.....

      • Any senior interested in the Step-up program can still join...text me to set up an appointment (81010 @stepup2019)
        • download, complete a Step-up Application and place in my mailbox in the main office ASAP
        • No placement exam required for the following classes:
          • SOC 101, PSY 101, PSC 101, PHL 101, MIS 101, HFA 201/202, GLG 101, HIS 203/204, or BUS 108
        • Entrance exam required for any course with a stated prerequisite (ie. English, Math, Science etc.)
        • SENIORS with qualifying SAT scores can register for the Step-up program without having to take a placement exam

      October 30 to December 6

      • Lunch Meetings Begin:  REGISTER for Spring 2020 courses
      • Passes will be sent via Remind text, sign up text @stepup2018 to 81010

      November 25

      • Last Day to Withdrawal from a 16-week course

      December 9

      • Finals Week