Swallows of Kabul Forum IV

Part 1: Your initial response ( 350 words)  to the question being asked DUE TODAY END OF CLASS .

Click on Prompt below and respond to the prompt there.

IMPORTANT: When posting initial response you MUST do the following...your last name initial post. EX: Jones initial post

Part 2: You will be responding to TWO of your fellow classmates (One you agree with, and one you disagree with), which is DUE Wednesday, May 25 by 6 PM. Each response should be MINIMUM 150 words.

IMPORTANT: When replying to a fellow classmate  you MUST do the following...last name of person you are responding to and reply. EX: Mooney reply.

All posts and replies must be written in COMPLETE sentences. Contributions such as “I agree" or “nice post” are NOT considered thoughtful replies and will not be graded.

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